You inspire me!

Tiffany Bracelet "Inhale"

sometimes life gets too busy...

In this particular case, your inspirations inspire me.

When people choose words to have pressed into metal for all eternity (I couldn’t resist that) they think hard about what’s important to them.  Sometimes, not always, I get to hear the thoughts and stories behind the words/numbers.

Would you like to hear about some of them?

I thought you would…

Tattoo anyone?

Tattoos, or the avoidance of, have inspired a number of rings recently – either to stop a family member from getting one or to replace one planned for themselves.  Why not – rings also express heartfelt thoughts and you don’t have to pay to have them removed.  Ouch!

Personal victories

One customer has a number representing a date chosen for her ring.  It’s the date when she decided that depression will no longer rule her life.
Empowering and a nice reminder – brilliant!

Lost loved ones

stamped angel wing necklace

Latin for "forever in my heart"









Parents, dear uncles, children and pets are among those remembered either secretly (inside a ring) or with a date or name or message (even in latin) on the outside.

Words can be a comforting way to keep memories close to us.

Battle cries!

Sometimes the best way to overcome is to get a little mad.  There has been more than one vehement battle cry requested – some with some colourful words (which is always interesting).

Self butt kicking
(physically quite tricky)


a call to action

Similar to battle cries but a bit different is the “call to action” word.  Words like write, swim, faith, trust, breathe, focus, play, invest, ask, believe, receive and many others.  While it’s almost completely impossible to kick your OWN butt you can do it with words and many people do – creatively.

Quote genius

I have one customer who is a quote generating genius!  We exchanged a number of emails discussing the dozens of quote ideas she had for her rings.  I may just create a line of rings inspired by her creativity.  (note: she was happy about this idea)

An interesting feature of her quotes is that they are all divided up between the outside and inside of the ring.  One of my favourites is “do or do not / there is no try – yoda”.   The / indicates where the inside outside division is.   I have two sons so Star Wars quotes work for me.

Inside jokes

These are really fun.  Sometimes I get to hear the story behind them, sometimes I don’t.  I often hear how their friend/sister/mother is going to laugh when she sees it.  Sometimes they’re so touched that they cry.  Wow!  That’s what can happen when you make someone feel really special.

Celebrating strengths

One lovely customer choose a word representing a strength of each member of her family.  Each word was stamped onto its own ring and strung on a long oxidized chain.

What a beautiful way to show your family how you cherish them and who they are.


Celebration Rings

Better when we're together.









I really like these orders.  Not many of my customers are men but sometimes an order comes through for a tender quote or a special word to be given to a girlfriend or fiance (wives must be getting bigger ticket items like flat screen TVs).  Sometimes I get a story with the order, sometimes I don’t.

It’s always a good feeling to be involved in the unfolding of a love story.


Inspiration for words seem to come from all over.  Other sources I’ve seen include; dreams, bible quotes, comic book nicknames, favorite sports or hobbies.


Sometimes I never find out what the words/numbers represent and that’s okay too.  Some things are too personal to have to explain to a stranger.  I get that.

Thank you!

In all cases I feel privileged to be trusted to make jewelry with the words, thoughts and feelings that mean so much to you.

Thank you!

…and I can’t wait to hear what’s next!

What words inspire you?

PS If you want to see more of the words other people have chosen take a look at the Gallery.

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