The Power of Rouge

juicy red apple

Not as appealing in beige I'd wager.

What’s up with red?

Why does it make such an impact?

I was wondering so I did a little research.

It seems that red can actually make you feel hungry, romantic and raise your heart rate.  Pretty powerful stuff!

You can see why restaurants use it and why we give red flowers and red boxes of chocolates when we’re feeling romantic.

Red makes you more attractive as well.  Men find women in red more attractive and will even spend more on her on a date!  (true – see below for the links to the facts)

Not just women either – women rate men wearing red as more attractive too.  Red is seen as a symbol of power and seems to make men look more kissable.  (You might want to hide your husband/boyfriend’s red sweaters.)

You might be looking to add a bit of this powerful colour to your wardrobe.  Well, it just so happens that there is a lot of red happening here at Bouton Rouge.  I have some new red coral designs that I’m about to put out there.

Here is a sneak preview just for you.  If you want to snatch the original up send me a message soon.

Rouge Circle necklace

You can find out more about the Rouge Circle necklace here.

Rouge Pebble earrings

Take a peek at the pebbles.

Rouge Echo necklace

Want to see more photos of the Rouge Echo?

Boho Rouge earrings

More details available here.


To find out more about research on the colour red take a look at these links:


How do you feel about the colour red?

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