My Jewelry Display

Maybe this could work for you too!

Back on that topic of jewelry storage and/or display.  This is a popular topic for someone who, well, has a lot of jewelry.  Maybe that’s you too.

Sometimes visitors come by to see what I have on hand.  This is a wonderful thing but wasn’t happening as smoothly as I’d have liked.  See, I kept all of my jewelry in little boxes so they didn’t tarnish.

"Which box was that in again?"

I started to think, there has to be a better way to do this so after a bit of head scratching I came up with a solution.

Shadow boxes!

Oooo! I want a dozen!

I found these 12×12 inch front opening shadow boxes at Michaels.  I think they sell them all over though.  They’re intended for photos and keepsakes but they are fantastic for storing jewelry!

The insides are a gray fabric layered with padding over a foam core (I’m assuming).

Okay, maybe only four.

The use of pins in the fabric allows me to easily rearrange my collections as pieces are purchased or added.

Some blues...

They are mounted so that they don’t tilt when you open the heavy glass door.

Some rouge...

I’ve even thought about incorporating magazine images or objects to create a mood.

When I’m not meeting with a customer I insert these pieces of scrapbook paper that I chose to match my studio.

Art or jewelry display?

Voila!  Decoration/storage AND display!

You could easily adapt these for your bedroom or walk in closet (I’m jealous).  Add a mirror that echoes the shape of the box and you have storage/display heaven!

How would you use these boxes?

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