Jewelry Storage Gems

Being a jewelry-phile has only one downside – where do you keep it all?

-          Where do you put necklaces so that the chains don’t get tangled?

-          Where do you store earrings so that you don’t lose one (from each pair)?

-          More importantly how do organize so you don’t wear the same five items all the time?

Here are some fantastic jewelry storage solutions I’ve found in my search…



Jewelry Storage Gem post - dish

These lovely dishes come in other colours too!

I have a bit of a weakness for little dishes. This one happens to be functional as well as beautiful.  You’ll find it at Red Hot Pottery.



This example from Geaugaroots is beautiful!  The fabric in the background is fresh and whimsical and the silver metal screen holds magnets as well so you can add photographs.

Jewelry Storage Gems post - frame

I would do a set of three or four together.



There are many different ways to set up this kind of system to match your decor.  I really like this set of vintage knobs from A Chic Shop.

Jewelry Storage Gems post - hooks

Perfect next to a mirror in your bedroom.


Ice Cube Trays

Inexpensive, stackable, versatile and reusable – what more could you ask for?  This idea is from Real Simple.

Jewelry Storage Gems post - ice cube tray

Stack these in your nightstand drawers!



Little dishes AND teacups!  A beautiful way to enjoy your collection of teacups and keep your necklaces and earrings visible.  Thank you  Martha Stewart.

Jewelry Storage Gems - teacups

You could even organize by colour!


Other Unique Ideas

If you can find an antique printer drawer you can make one of these beauties…or you can just buy one already made from Blue Bird Heaven.

Jewelry Storage Gems - antique printer tray

Organized and easy to see.

Upcycled pallets are the main ingredient in this unique jewelry organizer from the Blender Gallery.

Jewelry Storage Gems post - upcycled pallets

His and hers headboards?

Great for those with more rustic decor – it even has a built in light!

Now it’s your turn.  Do you have a unique way of storing your jewelry that you’d like to share?

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